Huizhou is a prefecture level city located in the southeast of Guangdong Province, China. What used to be a comparatively sleepy town has grown drastically since the 1980s mainly due to enticing large amounts of foreign investment.

It lies along the north-eastern tip of Pearl River Delta with a beautiful extended coastline to the south and mountain ranges to the north and east. Hong Kong and Shenzhen are its neighbours. With its close proximity to mountains, rivers, seas and forests it is of no surprise that Huizhou is considered one of China’s top tourist cities as well as the historical and cultural city of Guangdong.


Huizhou’s climate is characterised by heat and humidity throughout the year with a rainy season that usually runs from July to August. The average yearly temperature is about 22C (72F) and while the weather is pleasing all year round, September to October is sunny and considered a good time for a visit.

Mount Luofu

Mount Luofu is a 250km long sacred mountain range situated on the northern bank of the Dongjiang river. Renowned for its Toasim culture, Mount Luofu is one of the ten most famous mountains in China and has a multitude of temples along its range. Most notable is Wa Sau Toi which is connected to the Dragon and Bak Mei styles of Kung Fu.

West Lake

Embraced by mountains on three sides, West Lake is itself comprised of a number of lakes, causeways and islands (both natural and man-made) and has been listed as a UNESCO world cultural heritage site since 2011. In addition to its largest natural island, called The Solitary Hill, West lake also boasts three man-made islands situated in the West Outer Lake area as well as two well-known pagodas: Leifeng Pagoda towards the south and Baochu Pagoda to the north.  It has a combined recreational area of 20.91 squared-kilometers of which 3.13 square-kilometers is covered by water.

By Emit Chan taken photo

Pinghai Ancient City

Pinghai Ancient City is a historical town established in 1385 during the Ming Dynasty. Claiming a long history of over 600 years, much of the city is still intact including its defensive walls and houses, crossroads and four of its gatehouses. It is often honoured as the “living fossil” of southern China culture.

Ye Ting Memorial Hall

Found in the Huiyang District of Huizhou, this memorial hall focuses on the Chinese military leader Ye Ting who started out as a nationalist and went to the communists. The hall details his life from birth to participation in Nanchang and Canton uprising to his eventual exile to Europe.

American Retro

With friendly staff, sublime pub style food, and live music every night from Chinese and foreign bands it is no wonder American Retro have been a wild success since its opening in 2012 when it became the first live venue/bar in Huizhou. A great place to meet Huizhou’s expat crowd and locals alike.

Krakhaus Brewery 

Found on Huishadiyi Street along Binjiang Park East end KrakHaus Brewery is Huizhou’s first craft beer brewpub offering a wide selection of beers. Using all imported ingredients for a more authentic taste, KrakHaus offers 12 beers on tap crafted by a Canadian brewmaster as well as several imported bottled beers.