getting around the region

Which is the cheapest country to visit on vacation?

This depends on the time of year, but the Philippines and Thailand are two countries that are typically inexpensive to get to, and do not require pre-arranged visas, are safe for tourists, and cheap to travel in.

Which countries in the region require travel visas in advance?

As with all countries, this depends on nationality. However, Vietnam and Myanmar typically require visas in advance, and others like Cambodia and Indonesia typically claim to require a visa beforehand, but tend to be lenient. Additionally, some countries require a minimum length of passport validity, so be sure to check requirements prior to booking. Please note that visa requirements have a tendency to change and the information above serves as no guarantee, so doing your research for your specific situation is strongly advised. It is not unheard of that people are refused entry onto flights for having failed to properly arrange their visas in advance, so make sure to take visa requirements seriously.

Are there budget airlines in the region?

Tons. Far too many to list them here. All of the ones that serve Hong Kong are reputable, reliable, and safe. Travelling in and out of Hong Kong is extremely easy, so you do not have to worry about getting around.

What’s the best way to find a cheap flight?

There are lots of websites that can help, but Skyscanner and Air Asia are popular go-to websites for our teachers and staff.

Are the surrounding countries safe for tourists?

Yes. Other than the occasional problems that some of the countries face, the countries surrounding Hong Kong are stable and very welcoming to tourists.

What’s the best place for a ‘beach’ vacation?

Thailand and the Philippines are very popular tourist destinations amongst our teachers. However, there is no shortage of beautiful beaches all over this part of the world, so take your pick!

What’s the best place for an outdoorsy vacation?

Tough question. It depends on what type of adventure you want. China has an extremely diverse landscape, with mountains, rivers, valleys, and beaches. Indonesia is also littered with hikable volcanos. Once again, do some research and you’ll find anything you could possibly want.