Getting here

What airline should I take?

We do not suggest any particular airline. Cathay Pacific is Hong Kong’s national airline and flies to most cities in China. Air China is China’s national airline, but there are tons of great airlines that will get you from home to your new city either directly or with only 1 stop.

What about air traffic delays? Are they as common as I’ve heard?

Short answer: yes. But when they happen, these delays are typically only a matter of a few hours and not days long.

How can I find the best flight prices?, Skyscanner, and many other websites can help you filter your search. If you have a preferred airline, we also suggest going directly to their website, as prices can often be cheaper there than through third-party websites and agents.

Should I get a one-way or return ticket?

One-way. If you’re coming here to work for a year, there’s a large chance that you will fall in love with the country and/or area and will not want to depart on your return journey at the end of your contract.

How much baggage should I bring?

Apartments in China are typically quite large, so your biggest limitations are airline restrictions and what you can physically manage to carry with you.

When I arrive at the airport in China, how do I get into the city?

There are many options. Most cities have an express train that will take you directly to the heart of the city, from where you will be able to take a taxi to your final destination. Taxis in China are quite cheap, so a long distance trip in a cab from the airport directly to your door should not break the bank. All of these details will be covered in your orientation pack that you get from your recruitment specialist or from a Monkey Tree representative directly.

I’ve chosen to stay in Monkey Tree accommodation. How do I get into my flat for the first time?

Our recruitment team will walk you through the whole process when the time comes and they will give you specific instructions for how to get from the arrivals terminal at the airport to your front door. If you are not able to move in immediately, they will help you arrange temporary accommodation.

I want to find my own accommodation when I get there. What do I do?

Finding a reliable and reputable realtor is quite easy. Most big companies have hundreds of offices all over town, so they are impossible to avoid. You’ll want to ask specific questions to a Monkey Tree representative to help you with negotiations and contract details, as your contract will officially be in Chinese. We are here to help you, so ask away!