Getting here

Which airline should I take?

We do not suggest any particular airline. Cathay Pacific is Hong Kong’s national airline and is renowned as being one of the best in the world for their service. Most major airlines in the world fly into Hong Kong, meaning that wherever you are coming from, there should be direct or one-stop routes available.



How can I find the best flight prices?, Skyscanner, and many other websites can help you filter your search. If you have a preferred airline, we also suggest going directly to their website, as prices can often be cheaper there than through third-party websites and agents.

Should I get a one-way or return ticket?

One-way. If you’re coming here to work for a year, there’s a good chance that you will fall in love with the city and will not want to depart on your return journey at the end of your contract.

How much baggage should I bring?

Apartments are small, so bring as little as you require to live comfortably. You will have space for an entire wardrobe and shoe collection, but you will likely want to leave your sports trophies and collectible items at home.

When I arrive at the Hong Kong airport, how do I get into the city?

There are many options. The most convenient and fastest way into town is the Airport Express train, which takes 24 minutes into Central, Hong Kong, and costs around HK$100 for a one-way trip. Taxis/Uber into Kowloon will cost you around HK$250-350. The city bus is the cheapest way into town, but takes quite a bit longer than the train or a taxi.

I’ve chosen to stay in Monkey Tree accommodation. How do I get into my flat for the first time?

Our recruitment team will walk you through the whole process when the time comes and they will give you specific instructions on how to get from the arrivals terminal at the airport to your front door. If you are not able to move in immediately, they will help point you in the direction of a great hostel or hotel.

I’ve chosen not to stay in Monkey Tree accommodation. What do I do when I land?

By the time you land, you will likely have made an accommodation arrangement. Hong Kong is one of the most accessible cities in the world, meaning that if you have a Google Maps pin on a specific building, such as your hotel or new apartment, almost anyone on the airport’s customer service team should be able to tell you exactly how to get there.

I want to find my own accommodation when I get there. What do I do?

Finding a reliable and reputable realtor is quite easy in Hong Kong. Most big companies have hundreds of offices all over town, so they are impossible to avoid. In order to get a good sense of the price for what you’re looking for, you may want to begin your search by checking and then going from there. If you have any specific questions, you can always ask anyone on our team for advice.