Life after monkeytree

What other career opportunities are available in China?

China is a world of opportunities. We have had teachers go on to work in real estate, investment and financial services, and a great number of our former teachers have moved on to work at the British Council, Hong Kong’s EDB NET Scheme, International schools, public schools, and universities in the area. Your experience at Monkey Tree provides you with some of the work experience that is often required for these jobs, and your qualifications and reference letter will help you to land other great jobs in the region.

Do people typically stay in China after working with Monkey Tree?

It’s difficult to say as it’s not always possible to stay in touch with every teacher once they’ve departed Monkey Tree, however our estimation is that approximately 60% of teachers either stay in China or Hong Kong, or plan to come back after a short trip.

What do people typically do when they leave Monkey Tree but stay in China?

Naturally, many of our former teachers go into teaching at kindergartens, schools, or even at the universities. However, a great number of our them also go on to study at the universities, or move into completely different career paths, such as coaching sports, working in the financial sector, and starting their own businesses.