Living Here


Nicknamed “Guangzhou’s little brother”, Foshan is known for its rich culture. Along with numerous protected historical sites, and ceramic shops, Foshan is known to be one of the birthplaces of Kung Fu. Ip Man, grandmaster of Wing Chun, was a Foshan native and mentor to Kung Fu superstar Bruce Lee.With a multitude of restaurants, cafes, and bars, teachers can enjoy a multitude of experiences while living in Foshan. Cuisines ranging from European to Vietnamese can be sampled by residents and visitors alike in a lively city that has plenty of Western style shopping centers and eating establishments for those who need some time to ease into the culture.


As part of the Guangdong Province, rent is generally cheap in Foshan. Rent can be around 3000RMB per month if you rent alone but teachers can always keep the cost down by opting to share with others. Electricity and utilities are known to be very cheap in Foshan!


Trains: Guangzhou – Zhanjiang Trains have a stop in Foshan, which connects Foshan to many other cities. Internally, Foshan has a developing metro station for city travel.

Public Bicycle: Like all cities in China, Foshan is home to thousands of rental bikes, for the cheap price of just 3RMB per hour. All you need is a WeChat account!

City Bus: Foshan had over 360 bus lines, the ticket price for which ranges from 2RMB to 10RMB. Longer distances to other districts are charged depending on distance.



Manggong cake

“Blind man” cake is a famous delicacy in Foshan, inititated by an old blind man on Heyuan Street when he mixed abraded rice crust, oil, sugar, peanut oil, and sesame oil and cook it on a charcoal fire. Manggong cake can be recognised by its golden colour and sweet flavour.

Shuang Pi Nai

China’s answer to Crème Brulee, shuang pi nai is a creamy, milk based dessert beloved in the Cantonese regions of China. Eaten alone, or with fruits, granola, or toasted nuts, shuang pi nai is beloved for its creamy texture and sweet flavour.

Goose Palm with Orange Peel

Stewed for five hours, and fried with orange peels and various seasonings, Goose Palm with Orange Peel is a local Foshan delicacy enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.