Living Here


Compared to other cities in other parts of China, expatriates in Guiyang can expect a lower cost of living.

Cost of living in GuiYang


Relative to most of Asia, the cost of living in Hong Kong is high. This is offset by the high salaries that make a teacher’s quality of life very high, while maintaining high saving potential.

Accommodation Cost

Buildings in Guangzhou generally expand vertically rather than horizontally.  However, there is a variety of housing types to choose from and you should be able to find something to your liking.



Guiyang Longdongbao International Airport is 12 kilometers from downtown Guiyang and can easily be reached via the airport express or taxi service. An average express ticket costs 10-20 RMB whereas taxi prices are usually set according to their meters. Air routes operate to all major cities in China including Beijing, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Xi’an, etc.


Located in the centre of downtown Guiyang, The Guiyang Railway Station is the main departure point for both ordinary trains and highspeed trains connecting with most major cities. The Guiyang North Railway Station is an important railway hub in Southwest China and is the largest high-speed railway station in Guizhou Province with lines extend to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, and other main cities in China.

City Bus

City buses are by far the most convenient and quick form of transport around the city, and they run extensively throughout the city. The fare is usually between 1-2RMB however the bus stops and signs are only in Chinese so make sure to be prepared!


Guiyang subway’s Line 1 is expected to be fully operational in 2018 and with it you’ll be able to reach several important stations and attractions in the city.

Long-distance Bus 

Guiyang has two main bus stations: Jinyang Station and Guiyang East Station. The Jinyang station mainly consists of interprovincial buses that operate to other cities while the Guiyang East Station mainly operates buses that link within Guizhou province. 


Food in Guiyang is mainly Quin (Huizhou) cuisine and local snacks. Quin cuisine is well-known throughout China and is diverse, complex and appetizing and usually regarded as works of art with bright colours and beautiful contours. Its main characteristics are a numb and spicy, and these are considered the two indispensable elements in Guiyang food. Some of the most popular local food and snack includes:

Bijie Dumplings

-Fine white dumpling made from top-grade glutinous rice with stuffing made from ham, sesame, peanuts, rock candy and lard

Lian’ai Doufu Guo ‘The Bean Curd in Love’

– Small pieces of bean curd roasted on an oiled iron sheet or wire mesh over a chaff fire

Siwawa ‘Silk Doll’

– Shreds of vegetables like kelp, radish, bean sprouts, cucumber, fried soybeans and pasted chili rolled up in thin rice-flour pancakes and dipped in hot and sour sauce