Living and working in Hong Kong is amazing, but it is not all amazing. Here you’ll find a list of what we find to be the greatest, and not-so-great things about Hong Kong.

  • Great way to grow your network of friends and professional acquaintances

  • Paid training and competitive monthly salary allow for excellent quality of life and savings potential

  • 18 public holidays per year + 10 paid annual leave (according to the Monkey Tree academic calendar)

  • Foreign teachers are held in very high regard by the locals

  • Small class sizes and generally very well-behaved students makes teaching fun and a very manageable experience

  • Opportunity to work amongst different cultures and develop cultural awareness

  • Highest income tax bracket is only 16.5%

  • Excellent entry level and middle management positions to experience teaching and develop teaching skills

  • Huge support network to help grow as a teacher, mentor, colleague, and leader in the workplace

  • Easy application, on-boarding process, and arrival.

  • No experience required due to

    comprehensive in-house training

  • Tons of entertainment means time not spent at work is never boring

  • Size of flats are small compared to Western Standard.

  • Saving money can be difficult given the amount of available entertainment

  • Friends come and go fairly regularly

  • Don’t necessarily get to choose which center you’re placed in

  • Intercultural management can be confusing and challenging at times

  • Hong Kong is far from home for most teachers, meaning that most people end up away from home for at least a full year.

  • Contractual penalties for leaving before 12 months

  • Late nights until 7:30 for two evenings a week

  • Not everyone can have consecutive days off

  • Air pollution is worse than in many other Western cities (though not nearly as bad as much of China)