Why Us

With locations all over Hong Kong, China, and Macau, Monkey Tree is an exciting place for young teachers to start their careers as teachers of young learners and to explore some of the most vibrant places in Asia.

Monkey Tree is one of, if not the, largest network of supplementary English learning providers in Hong Kong and has a growing network all over China and Macau. Our teaching team consists of around 250 teachers with native English proficiency. Whether you are just starting up as a teacher or are mid-career, you will find Monkey Tree to be an easy place into which to transition. Our training program is comprehensive and gives everyone the opportunity to observe real and mock classes run by our experienced education managers, their fellow trainees, and then to teach groups themselves.

Teachers love working in Asia for its vibrancy and the excitement of living some of the busiest cities in the world. At Monkey Tree you will teach motivated and ambitious students ranging from 3-12 years-old who love their native English teachers (NETs) and are excited to learn English as their second or third language. Our centers are spread all throughout the region meaning that you will have the opportunity to have colleagues and friends from all over Asia.