Hong Kong

Working with us


Teachers come to work at Monkey Tree to jump start their careers as teachers, mentors, and international young professionals. Our growing management and teaching teams offer professional support, and a multitude of career advancement opportunities.

A Day at Monkey Tree

Our days start at 9:30 and usually begin with two morning classes followed by a lunch break from 11:30 to 13:00. We get half an hour to prepare for our afternoon classes before we start teaching again at 13:30. We usually have 4 teaching hours in the afternoon with a break around 15:30, depending on your schedule. This is a great time to get your folders up to date and make sure your comments are written. We end at 18:30 or 19:30 depending on if it’s your late night.

Work Environment / Culture

While I knew that I would be experiencing the culture of Hong Kong when I moved here, I hadn’t considered that I would be working with teachers from all over the world. This has been one of the best parts of the job. I’ve met so many people from different cultures and learned so much about their respective cultures along the way. Working with a culturally diverse team has taught me so much about some of the different parts of the world I’d never thought about going to.

Facilities and Resources

Working with Monkey Tree and the staff of Monkey Tree has been a breeze. While each center is different in its own unique ways, the Center Managers and Head Teachers work together to create an accommodating working environment that aids the teachers in providing the best lessons they can.


Our Head Office has an amazing curriculum team that are constantly creating and developing new and exciting curriculum to keep the students engaged and interested in the topics. Having this resource available to us as teachers is great as it means we do not have to spend hours creating lesson plans and curriculum.

Monkey Tree has a great support structure of staff that are always eager to help. Each center has a Head Teacher that helps out with day to day support, as well as teacher training and general day to day questions and answers.


Center Managers oversee the running of each center and liaise with parents and teachers to keep everything running smoothly.


Monkey Tree also have Center Liaisons that visit the centers from time to time to make sure everything is running smoothly and appraise the teachers to make sure we’re all on the same page in regards to how we teach the curriculum. When we have a question about anything, these guys will have the answers.


The Head Office team is our support backbone and they do all they can to keep things running smoothly and efficiently.

Our Centers

All Monkey Tree centers are equipped with all of the teaching essentials. Teachers don’t need to carry anything in or out in order to do their jobs. Every center has between 3 and 10 classrooms of various sizes. All of which comfortably hold at least 4 students and a teacher, with many being large enough to host 10 kids quite easily. While we are a kids’ school, don’t worry, there a chairs and desks for big people and little people alike.


We have 49 centers throughout Hong Kong, ranging from the heart of the city, where teachers can spend their free time in the hustle and bustle, to further out towards the city’s extremities, where teachers can live a more peaceful lifestyle and prop themselves up under a tree with their favorite books on their lunch breaks.


Design and Facilities


Every Monkey Tree center has everything you would expect in a workplace. Clean washrooms (sometimes in the center, sometimes shared with other occupants in the mall), high-speed WIFI internet, laptops, and all of your teaching materials and resources required. If you can’t walk directly into the center from the street, there’s a lift giving you easy access to every location.


When you walk into a Monkey Tree center or classroom, you are unmistakably at Monkey Tree. Everything from our floors, to our signs, to our information brochures, to our wall paper is custom designed to give kids, parents, and teachers a vivid and exciting experience.

Monkey Tree Library

Every Monkey Tree center has a collection of books that students can take home to practice their reading with. These books are a fantastic and fun resource for the students to use at home, or in certain instances, to bring to class to have you help them do some reading practice.

Interactive boards

In order to make teaching and learning even more fun, our unique Chatroom classes make use of electronic interactive boards, on which students and teachers can play learning games, practice vocabulary, and learn new songs.

Conveniently Located

Monkey Tree currently has 48 centers around Hong Kong and have a presence at the majority of MTR stations. Very few centers are further than a couple minutes’ walk from the MTR, meaning that teachers can get from home to work almost exclusively by using the air-conditioned and extremely reliable MTR system.